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Make a reminder people to send moneyback.

User Friendly Money Request System.

Requesting money is an efficient and polite way of asking for money you're owed. :br Use Glinkpay system to send money, receive money or transfer money from your nearest & dearest ones.

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Can Send Money By Mobile Phone

Now, you have no trouble for having cash money. Anyone can send money from their card, bank account, paypal balance or other payment gateway. You will notify via an simple email.

Use the Glinkpay Mobile App To Easily Request Money.

Cualquier persona con una dirección de correo electrónico puede recibir una solicitud de pago, ya sea que tenga una cuenta o no. Te pueden pagar con PayPal, franja, 2checkout y muchos más pasillos de pago.

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Request Money To Anyone, Anywhere, Instantly Using Glinkpay System

Transfer funds to your friends & family globally through the Glinkpay mobile app, bank account or others payment gateway. Funds directly go into your account whether the recipient have any account or not. You can send/request for money via different type of Payment Gateway with different currencies.

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