Privacy Policy

Vipay's Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand what data Vipay collects about you, why it collects it, and what Vipay does with that data. You have trusted to use Vipay and share information with Vipay, so Vipay commits to only use your information to create better services for you.


1.1. G_Service: is Global Link Technology Joint Stock Company, a company duly established and operating under the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, with Business Registration Certificate No. 0104041748 issued for the first time on 07/07/2009.

1.2. Vipay Application: is a mobile application developed and operated by G_Service to provide E-Wallet Services and other payment intermediary services licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam to deploy under the brand name of Vipay. Vipay.

1.3. Vipay Account: is an electronic account on G_Service's information technology system created and managed by the User through various forms, including but not limited to mobile applications, website, SIMCARD and other forms to access and use Products/Services, including E-Wallet Services and other payment intermediary services provided by G_Service.

1.4. Users: are customers who want to open and use G_Service's Products/Services.

1.5. Products/Services: including services performed at Transaction Points and services on Vipay Application.

1.6. API (Application Programming Interface): is the application programming interface.

1.7. OTP: is a one-time password (One-Time Password).


This Policy regulates the manner in which G_Service collects, uses and secures information applicable to the information provided by the User when opening and using a Vipay Account via the Vipay App or through a third party use G_Service's API.


The User agrees that G_Service has the right to collect, use, store, disclose and exchange information about the User, information related to the User and any transaction related to the User. Use through Vipay Account for the following purposes:

3.1. Providing Products/Services and Features: G_Service uses the information collected to provide, personalize, maintain, and improve G_Service's Products/Services. Consists of:

3.1.1. Providing phone top-up, bill payment, shopping, collection and payment support, counter payment, QR code payment, money transfer and other Products/Services.

3.1.2. Remember the information so that the User does not have to re-enter it during the visit or the next time the User visits.

3.1.3. Provide features that allow the User to share information with others, such as when the User comments on the Transaction Point or introduces the User's friends to use G_Service's Products/Services .

3.1.4. Provide features to personalize the User's Vipay Account, such as scheduling automatic phone recharge.

3.1.5. Automatically update Vipay Application on User's device, handle software errors, operational problems, data analysis, testing and research.

3.2. Safety and security: G_Service uses User's information data to maintain the safety, security and integrity of G_Service Products/Services. G_Service may also collect and monitor transaction information from the User's device and account to identify suspicious transaction behavior. In addition, G_Service uses the full name, phone number, and ID number provided by the User to compare with the information of the bank account that the User wants to link. This helps to ensure that the linked bank account matches the Vipay Account registered by the User, in order to avoid fraud, fraud or other violations of the law and to help protect the privacy of the user. Safe and secure for the User himself.

3.3. Customer Support: In the event that the User contacts G_Service's Customer Support Department and after the User's consent, G_Service uses the collected information including audio recordings of the calls. Call support, customer care to:

3.3.1. Refer User questions to appropriate support person.

3.3.2. Investigate and resolve User inquiries and complaints.

3.3.3. Monitor and improve G_Service customer support.

3.4. Research and development: G_Service may use the information collected for research, analysis and product development for the purposes of: (i) improving and enhancing the safety and security of customers. G_Service Products/Services; (ii) develop new features and Products/Services; and (iii) support payment and financial solutions related to G_Service Products/Services.

3.5. Communication from G_Service: G_Service may use the information collected to promote with Users about Products/Services, promotions, research, surveys, news, updates, events, contests, related rewards, advertisements and related content about G_Service's Products/Services and other partners' services.

The communication channels that G_Service will use to communicate with Users include:

3.5.1. Send notification on Vipay App (notification) to User's Vipay Account;

3.5.2. Send a text message (SMS) or call the User's phone number according to the information G_Service collects from the User;

3.5.3. Send an email to the User's email address according to the information G_Service collects from the User;

3.5.4. Publish notices or contact information on website and G_Service's fanpage on Facebook

3.6. Comply with legal requirements and procedures: G_Service may use the information collected to:

3.6.1. Investigate or resolve complaints or disputes related to the use of G_Service Products/Services from Users; or

3.6.2. Carry out other activities permitted by applicable law; or

3.6.3. Provide to competent state agencies or provide information as required by law.


G_Service will collect the following types of information:

4.1. Information when User opens Vipay Account:

4.1.1 For Vietnamese individuals: Full name; date of birth; nationality; phone number; citizen identification number or identity card number or valid passport number, date of issue, place of issue;

4.1.2. For individuals being foreigners: Full name; date of birth; nationality; phone number; valid passport number, date of issue, place of issue, entry visa (if any);

4.1.3. For organizations: Full and abbreviated transaction name; enterprise identification number and tax identification number (if the organization has a different tax code than the enterprise code); address of the head office; Trading address; phone number; information about the legal representative of the organization opening the Vipay Account.

4.2. Information sent by G_Service to the User, including:

4.2.1. Contact G_Service through G_Service's call center, app, website and social media accounts;

4.2.2. Contacting other Users through G_Service Products/Services such as “Money Transfer”, “Congratulations” service;

4.2.3. Survey results when User performs survey on Vipay Application;

4.2.4. Enable features that allow G_Service to access the User's contacts, photos or device location.

4.3. Information generated when the User uses G_Service Products/Services, including:

4.3.1. Update Vipay Account information. To the extent permitted by law and depending on the Product/Service selected by the User, G_Service will collect information including: full name, registered email, phone number, login name, photo , number, date of issue of identity card/citizen identification/passport, date of birth, gender, address;

4.3.2. If authorized by the User, G_Service will collect the location information of the User's access device; G_Service will collect User's exact or relative location information through data such as GPS, IP address and WiFi. When the User uses the "Find a transaction point" or "Find a payment acceptance point" feature on the Vipay App, G_Service will automatically display the User's location on the map and the location of the intersection points. translate G_Service or G_Service payment acceptance points closest to the User's location;

4.3.3. G_Service may collect location information when Vipay Account is running in visible mode (app is open and visible on screen) or in stealth mode (app is open but not visible on screen) ;

4.3.4. Transactional information: G_Service collects transactional information related to the User's use of G_Service's services, including the types of Products/Services the User requests, the date and time of using the Products/Services. Department, amount payable and other related transaction information; data about service providers, goods for the User, transaction information that the User performs (type of goods, services, location, time of transaction), payment method (but does not store important data of the payment card used for the payment including card details, CVV number);

4.3.5. Usage and preferences information: G_Service collects information about how Users interact with G_Service Products/Services, options and settings selected. In some cases G_Service collects information through the use of cookies, pixel tags and similar technologies that enable the creation and maintenance of User's unique identifiers;

4.3.6. Device Information: G_Service may collect information about the device the User uses to access the Vipay App, including hardware model, operating system and version, software, filename and version, preferred language, unique device identifier, advertising identifier, serial number and mobile network information;

4.3.7. Log Information: When Users interact with G_Service Products/Services, G_Service collects server logs, which may include information such as device IP address, date and time of access, calculation functionality of the application or pages viewed, application errors and other system activity, the type of browser and third-party websites or services the User is using prior to interacting with the Products/Services of G_Service;

4.3.8. Text messaging: G_Service allows Users to send messages to friends/relatives via Vipay App when using the service "Transfer money", "Send money", "Share friends", "Vipay Chat" on Vipay Wallet App. To provide this service, G_Service collects some message-related information such as the date and time of the message, but does not include the message content. G_Service uses this information for customer support services (such as to resolve user disputes) and for safety, security, and analytical purposes;

4.3.9. Contact Information: If the User allows the Vipay App to access the contacts in the device, G_Service may collect names and contact information from the User's contacts in order to support services such as "Recharge" phone money”, “Remittance”, “Congratulations”, “Request for money transfer”. When using these services, the User can select other people's contact phone numbers from the User's contacts right in the Vipay Application instead of having to enter it manually.

4.4. Information from other sources:

4.4.1. Information collected by G_Service when a User creates or accesses a User's Vipay Account through a payment service provider, services, applications or websites that use G_Service's API or share their API with G_Service;

4.4.2. Public sources of information;

4.4.3. The units provide marketing services, market research.

4.5. Other information G_Service needs to collect in order to comply with legal obligations:

G_Service will require the User to provide G_Service with information relating to the use of G_Service's Products/Services that G_Service may reasonably require for the following purposes:

4.5.1. Help G_Service comply with its obligations under the law;

4.5.2. Report to competent state agencies according to regulations;

4.5.3. Assess whether the User has complied, is complying, and can continue to comply with all of its obligations under the G_Service Policy.


5.1. In addition to the purposes stated in this Policy, G_Service undertakes not to transfer, rent, disclose or share User's information to any third party without User's consent or accordance with the provisions of law or at the request of competent state agencies.

5.2. Purpose of sharing and disclosing information:

5.2.1. At User's request, including:

· Share User's information with third parties who are partners, businesses, contractors, agents with G_Service to perform Products/Services at User's request;

·For purposes of these Terms, third parties may be: (i) other applications or websites that integrate G_Service APIs or services; (ii) or applications or websites with APIs or services with which G_Service integrates; (iii) or G_Service's corporate partners offering special promotions, contests or services;

· In case G_Service shares information with third parties, in order to ensure the security of User's information, between G_Service and the third parties, there will be clear and strict requirements for the the third party shall be obliged to keep the User's information confidential based on the terms and conditions that G_Service has committed to the User in accordance with this Policy.

5.2.2. To the public when the User submits content to a public forum set up by G_Service, including: Information posted by the User on public forums such as G_Service's fanpage on Facebook or other social networks.

5.2.3. With service providers and business partners of G_Service, including:

· Service providers, consultants, marketing partners, market research firms;

·Subsidiaries, affiliated companies and related entities of G_Service;

·Contractors, agents, service providers and other third parties to support G_Service's business;

· Transferees or successors in case of merger, division, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution or sale or transfer of part or all of G_Service's assets;

·During the course of a negotiation, merger, sale of company assets, consolidation or restructuring, financing, or acquisition of all or part of G_Service's business into another company.

For this purpose, G_Service may delete portions of User identifiable data and share anonymized data with other parties.

5.2.4. According to the provisions of current law or at the request of a competent state agency, including:

· Share to the proceedings-conducting agencies, administrative management agencies;

· Implement periodical and irregular reports according to regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam or other state management agencies;

·G_Service may also access, protect, and share information when G_Service has the facility to detect, prevent, and address fraud and other illegal activity.

5.2.5. Consent of the User.


6.1. User has the right to request G_Service to check, update, adjust and cancel User's information. G_Service is obliged to check, update, adjust, cancel User's information upon request or provide tools for User to self-check, update and adjust User's information .

6.2. Unsubscribe from email marketing newsletters: The User may choose to stop receiving marketing emails from the Vipay App by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in the email. If the User chooses to stop receiving, G_Service still sends the User non-marketing related emails, such as security information about the User's account and alerts when the User's account is logged in on the User's account. other device.

6.3. Stop receiving G_Service notifications on Vipay App from permissions in access device: User can choose to stop receiving G_Service notifications on Vipay App (notification) by customizing permissions in access device according to regulations of mobile platforms (iOS, Android, etc.).


7.1. G_Service commits and uses reasonable methods to ensure the safety and security of personal information collected to prevent unauthorized acts of stealing, accessing, changing or destroying information;

7.2. G_Service will implement various security measures to ensure the safety of User's data on G_Service's system. User's data is stored in a secure network and can only be accessed by a limited number of G_Service employees.

7.3. M_Service will keep the User's data and information in accordance with applicable laws. G_Service will cancel or switch to incognito mode as soon as it has reasonably confirmed that: (i) the purpose for which the data was collected is no longer suitable for data retention; or (ii) retention is no longer required for any legal or business purposes; or (iii) the User has no need to use the Vipay Account.

7.4. G_Service also recommends that Users take measures to protect their Vipay Account by not providing, exchanging accounts and providing login passwords or OTPs to any other third parties. If the User shares a computer or mobile device with another User, the User should not choose to save the login information (e.g. user ID and password) on the shared device and log out from the User's Vipay Account and close the User's browser window at the end of the session. M_Service is not responsible for the loss or disclosure of User's information due to User's violation of this Terms.


8.1. G_Service's failure to exercise or apply any right or remedy that M_Service has under this Policy or by law shall not constitute a waiver or restriction of such right or remedy by G_Service, and G_Service indemnifies reserves the right to exercise that right or measure at any time G_Service deems appropriate.

8.2. In the event that any provision of this Policy is determined to be illegal or otherwise unenforceable, G_Service will amend such provision, or (in its sole discretion) remove such provision. out of this Policy. If any provision of this Policy is determined to be illegal or unenforceable, such determination shall not affect the remaining provisions of this Policy, and the remaining provisions shall not be affected. still in full effect.

8.3. The User acknowledges that G_Service, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations or upon receipt of instructions from the relevant government authorities, may be required to take actions that may violate provisions of these Policies. In this regard, the User agrees not to hold M_Service liable.

8.4. User may not assign his or her rights under this Policy without G_Service's prior written consent. G_Service may assign its rights under these Policies without the prior written consent of the User.

8.5. This Policy shall be binding on heirs, personal and legal representatives, successors of title and authorized assigns of the property (if any). user's.

8.6. Any dispute or disagreement under this Policy will first be resolved through mediation. If no agreement is reached through such mediation, the parties here agree to bring the dispute or disagreement to the competent court in Ho Chi Minh City for settlement.

8.7. Disputes between Users and third parties: G_Service does not have any related responsibility but only plays the role of supporting Users, providing necessary information for Users and related third parties to jointly handle. The User and the third party must directly resolve all issues related to the User and third party transactions. In case of any complaint, dispute, refund request… G_Service reserves the right to temporarily hold/freeze the funds in the relevant Vipay Account until the issue is resolved or a final decision is made by the agency. competent state agency.

By confirming/tick below, the User acknowledges that he has read, fully understood and fully agreed with the contents of this Policy.

9. Communication from Vipay

Vipay may use the information it collects to advertise to you about products, services, promotions, research, surveys, news, updates, events, contests, and other relevant information. rewards, awarding relevant rewards, advertisements and related content about Vipay's services and other partners' services.

The communication channels that Vipay will use to communicate with you include:

Send an application notification (notification) to your Vipay account

Send a text message (SMS) or call your phone number according to the information Vipay collects from you.

Send an email to your email address according to the information Vipay collects from you.

Publish notices or contact information on website and on VIPAY's fanpage on Facebook

10. Contact List Access

ViPay uses your contacts to find users you know. We do not store your contacts on the server.

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